The Baker's Dozen Buddies 

We wouldn't be who we are without awesome customers like you who love us and our products and so we want to reward you for your loyalty! 

And so....The Baker's Dozen Buddies loyalty club is born! 

The program is divided into three different categories based on how many times a year you purchase from us, but every category has many awesome benefits that we are sure our loyal customers will LOVE! These include things like access to our exclusive Baker's Dozen Buddies Facebook Group, Free Cupcakes and rewards for multiple purchases. 

On joining you will receive a free stamp on your punch card to get you on your merry way to earning your first free item and also some instructions on how to download our Punch Card App! Below is a summary of the benefits we are offering our loyal customers like you! (After all if you are on this page it's for a reason!) 

So what are you waiting for? Sign Up Now.......